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Summer School

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To download the Summer School booklet, please click there [PDF - 1 Mo]

For over 20 years, DEFLE (Department of Teaching French as a Foreign Language, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès) has been welcoming foreign students during the summer.

As a member of the Association des Directeurs des Centres Universitaires d’Études Françaises pour étrangers (Association of University Directors for French Studies for Foreigners, ADCUEFE) and the UFR (Unit of Education and Research) department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilisations, the DEFLE enjoys academic guarantee from the University.

The DEFLE Summer School offers courses in:
· French as a Foreign Language (culture and language teaching for all levels)
· Teacher and Tutor training (language didactics and Information and communications technology [ICT])

The DEFLE provides:
· Modern, dynamic teaching methods, based on contemporary culture. The lecturers have been trained by the University and are experts in teaching French as a foreign language; as such they have gained valuable experience in multinational classes and know how to adapt course content to students’ expectations
· Specific services that contribute to the overall quality of your stay, for example the student welcome, accommodation, cultural activities and classes in multimedia rooms
· Optimal conditions for language learning and teaching of French as a foreign language didactics in a culturally rich region of France 

Teachers in charge of Summer School:

Secretary of Summer School:
Claire PEGLI

[PDF - 1 Mo]


General French Language and Civilisation (all levels – from beginner to advanced)
Summer School 2018 dates: 

- July:
Monday 2nd to Friday 27th, 2018
- August:
Wednesday1st to Wednesday 29th, 2018

Course Content
: Participants will acquire, consolidate and strengthen their language skills and knowledge of contemporary French society.
Preparation for university studies for groups with a minimum B2 level.

Teaching is based on interactive, functional educational techniques calling upon students’ active participation.
The course incorporates the latest teaching methods and makes use of diverse, genuine material, including newspapers, magazines, articles, radio, videos, interactive webpages dedicated to teaching French as a foreign language.

Students are assigned to a group following a test, which is organised on the first day of each session. The teaching levels correspond to the different levels of knowledge about French language and culture.

CLASSES take place in the morning: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm
WORKSHOPS take place in the afternoon 3 times a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 13.30 to 15.30

You can sign up either for:

60 hours per month 3 hours of class per day
(15 hours per week)


84 hours per month 3 hours of class per day (15 hours per week) 6 hours (2 hours x 3 days) of workshops = 21 hours per week


Workshops are organised around written comprehension and/or oral expression. This teaching format complements students’ needs and interests and is adapted to their level. They cover several topics including theatre, music, gastronomy, literature cinema, comic strips, online magazine development etc...

Session dates


The General French Language and Civilization sessions (all levels – from beginner to advanced) will take place in:
July: Monday 2nd to Friday 27th, 2018
Wednesday1st to Wednesday 29th, 2018

Fees by session

The fees for the 2018 sessions:
60-hours session : 550€
84-hour session : 650€

Enrolment From March 5th , 2018

Summer School-DEFLE – Practical Information


During their stay, students are able to stay in a room in University halls, each equipped with private shower and toilet (bed sheets are provided) for the cost of 350 euros per month. 

Students can also use the communal showers and toilets are available on each floor.

Each floor has a communal student kitchen, however the University does not provide any utensils. 

Students may access the Internet from their rooms, but the University does not provide the cable required. Students must use a RJ45 Ethernet cable.  

If you are interested in University accommodation, please contact us as soon as possible as the number of rooms available is limited.  

Students must pay the accommodation fees at the same time as choosing the course. 

For students who wish to live with a host family during their stay, the University can pass on the details for an organisation that deals with this type of accommodation. Students should contact this organisation directly.

Internet Access
The students enrolled in the Summer School have access to the IT rooms, which are equipped with computers connected to the internet, in Building 31, in which the Summer School is based

Specific Teacher and Tutor Training Summer School

This course requires a minimum of four participants

                                             Developing a French as a Foreign Language MOOC

Speakers: Charles Delierre and Charlotte Alazard-Guiu, teachers at the DEFLE (Department of Teaching French as a Foreign Language), UT2J 

Target audience:
French as a Foreign Language teachers and tutors 

Course objectives:
The course aims to familiarise teachers with how to design online MOOC-style teaching modules. At the end of this course, participants will be able to competently manipulate the available tools to accompany, supervise and evaluate remote teaching.  

Course Content:
- design and simulation of an online teaching programme
- work with available tools to accompany, supervise and evaluate remote teaching
- practical workshops: outlining the architecture of a MOOC and creating modules

Prerequisites: regular use of an IT office pack and Internet.

You can download the Summer School prospectus in French, English or Spanish by clicking here. [PDF - 1 Mo]
For information on how to enrol, or for further complementary information, please contact:

Claire PEGLI

Written by Marianne Albert

Date of update March 5, 2018

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